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rocksecret's Journal

Your Rock and Roll Secrets
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This community was made in the likeness of communities such as ljsecret, musicsecret, and beatlesecret. These communities post secrets in the form of graphics or pictures that are sent to them. However, one difference: the secrets in this community are about anything related to CLASSIC ROCK. The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Deep Purple, Bob Dylan, etcetera. If it's a secret, if it's classic rock, it's welcome here.

All the LJ secret communities are based on the online project PostSecret.


Please FRIEND this community. Do not JOIN it. Thank you.

So what do you need to participate? All you need is a graphics program (anything from Adobe Photoshop, PSP, GIMP, Paint, etcetera), an image hosting website (like Tiny Pic, ImageShack, etc), a picture about your secret and your secret. We'll even accept text secrets.

Post your secrets ANONYMOUSLY (otherwise, it wouldn't be a secret, right?) on the latest submissions post. All comments will be screened. After every secrets post, there will be a new submissions post.

When enough secrets have been submitted, a mod will post them in a secrets post. That post will not screen comments, so DON'T POST YOUR SECRETS THERE.

Every secret will be posted, unless they don't follow the rules. So feel free to post your secret, be it funny, sad, disgusting, sweet, anything. No holds barred. This is all in good fun, people. :)


rocksecret isn't really strict, but a couple of rules to maintain a bit of order, yeah?

1. All secrets must be kept below 800 (height) x 600 (width). Anything bigger will not be posted.
2. It should be YOUR secret. Not Fred's, not Jane's, not your little brother's... YOURS.
3. Follow the format, which will be posted on every Submissions Post as a reminder. If you don't, your secret will not be posted.
4. DO NOT FLAME. If you violently disagree with a secret/comment on one of the Secret Posts,
please try to say it in the most civil way possible.
5. DO NOT post your secret on a Secrets Post. Seriously. Wait for the next Submissions Post.
6. Please be patient with the mods. We'll try the best we can. ♥


Image Hosting Sites
: TinyPic
: ImageShack
: Photobucket (this isn't as anonymous though)

: beatlesecret
: sportssecret

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